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Eight Hundred Years of History

For 800 years, the Cambayrac estate has been passed down from generation to generation within the Armagnac de Castanet family. From the 12th century, the estate belonged to the Seigneury of Castanet, whose last representative, Guyon de Castanet, died childless in 1375. His cousin Réale de Faudoas carried it in marriage in 1377 to Pierre d'Armagnac, Chevalier, belonging to a younger branch of the sovereign Counts of Armagnac.

Their descendants took the name of Castanet until François d'Armagnac de Castanet, who was the first to assume the title of Armagnac in 1787 as well as the coat of arms of the Counts of Armagnac and Rodez.

Cambayrac, which was only a domain dependent on the Seigneury of Castanet, has been forged over the centuries. Authentic testimony to vernacular rural architecture, the complex includes a 16th century dwelling, an old 17th century chapel, outbuildings, a dovecote, a remarkable 18th century farmhouse, and a 19th century granary. The estate was listed as a Historic Monument in 2006.

Extensive renovation work was undertaken from 2012 to 2020, transforming the castle into a comfortable residence, respecting its heritage and a quality aesthetics. You will be welcomed by the owners, who will give you the keys to this charming residence, happy to share their story with you. 

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